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Making VRChat avatar effects, items, textures and particles. Discord server: Twitter:


⭐New VRChat Asset - Light Discs ⭐Liindy

⭐New VRChat Asset - Smart Gun ⭐Liindy

🕸️New Asset - Web Slinger (Liindy) 🕸️

Leash Asset (new version) - Liindy

New Liindy Asset - Folding Blades

Colt Python Revolver asset RELEASED - Liindy

[NEW] Saber/Blade Katana prefab - Liindy

[NEW] Quest Compatible Butterfly Knife asset - Liindy

Lantern updated and REMADE - Liindy

VRChat native avatar scaling and what it means for my avatar prefabs - Liindy

I've re-added Paypal as a payment option - Liindy

New Asset - Hand Skateboard (tech deck) - Liindy

New Soundboard Prefab for VRChat - Liindy

Asset fixes - Liindy

New Photon Saber Avatar Prefabs - Liindy

New prefab out! ⭐SHOTGUN⭐- Liindy

Cigarette and Zippo asset COMPLETELY REVAMPLED - Liindy

Fiddle Cube asset release - Liindy

New Katana Prefab - Liindy VRChat Asset

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