Interactable Sniper Rifle (VRCHAT/SDK3)

871 ratings
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Interactable Sniper Rifle (VRCHAT/SDK3)

871 ratings

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Strong, reliable, perfect.
This Tac-300 Sniper Rifle is the optimal weapon for any long range situation.

Using both contact recievers and physbones, you can completely interact with the weapon.
Pull the bolt back, take out the magazine.
It's fully immersive with both reloading, aiming and handling.

Using a magnification shader, the scope is actually functioning with a variable zoom slider using a physbone next to the scope that you can pull with your hand.

The scope is aligned with the barrel, so hitting long distance targets will be no issue for you.

Contact recievers are used for several things on the weapon.

  • Grabbing it after dropping it.
  • Taking it from your back
  • Grabbing the magazine
  • 2 handing

Physbones are also used on several places on the weapon that are both grabbable by you and your friends.

  • Bone for scope magnification.
  • Bone for the bolt pull used in reloading (you can also pull it several times to completely empty your magazine if you feel like it).
  • And finally a bone for the stock at the front.

Product Details:

  • Easy installation guide made for people with minimal unity knowledge
  • Should fit most avatars in VRChat
  • Equip on your back, grab it with your hand.
  • Drop in world.
  • Ammo counting system with 5 rounds before needing to reload. You can eject all bullets without firing as well.
  • Eject magazine with your left hand (when doing a pointing finger) and put it back in to reload.
  • Pull bolt back.
  • Scope with variable zoom using a physbone as an in-world slider.
  • 2 handing.
  • Sounds and particles.
  • Summon it back to your hands using double rocker gesture, in case you lost it somewhere
  • Uses only 1 memory (1 bool)
  • Note: This assets animations uses write defaults off, but it is made to also work with them on, in case your avatar uses write defaults.
  • Extra note: If your avatar is extremely large or very small, this item may be a bit more difficult to set up, because particles don't scale well unless you change the actual particle settings, this would require some knowledge of how particles work.
    Minor size changes will generally not be that visible, but it is still recommended that you don't try to attach it to an avatar of extreme size difference compared to the size it comes as.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/LynTheYeen (18+ only)
discord.gg/gDzr4Xh7HS Discord server *I recommend you try here first, I got an FAQ of common issues posted there
Discord: Liindy#7120


  • By downloading this product you agree to NOT share the files even though it is free. Please instead link the gumroad page to your friends so that I can be credited for my work.
  • You are allowed to commission/take commissions for putting the asset on an avatar.
  • You are allowed to make public avatars with the asset, but not directly share the files.
  • I am not responsible for you breaking your avatar if you import the asset wrong, it is advised you take a backup of your avatar before attempting to install it.
  • You cannot resell this product in any way. If you want to put this on a commercial avatar you MUST contact me first.
  • This item is NOT QUEST COMPATIBLE, you should not buy this if you do not have a pc.


Discord: Liindy#7120
discord.gg/gDzr4Xh7HS Discord server if you need help as well

Tac-300 Sniper Rifle 3D model from MOH, DICE by AbyssLeo on DeviantArt

The magnification shader I use for the scope I actually don't know the original creator of, it was part of a shader compilation found here on vrcmods: https://vrcmods.com/item/5143(If you know the original download for this shader please dm me so I can properly credit it)

Thanks for reading all the way down here <3

I want this!

Interactable Tac-300 Sniper Rifle

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