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Pronoun / Sexuality pin (VRCHAT/SDK3)

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Please rate this item if you decide to get it (FREE), this will vastly help me out by getting seen more, and will help fund more cool items like this one!
model commissioned from: (18+) / Go check out their stuff!!!

Wanna wear your sexuality and pronouns with pride?

This pin and necklace makes that super easy and fancy :)

Many preset materials to choose from that you can mix and match to fit exactly what you identify best with.

Swapping materials is quick and easy in unity, and the installation guide will show you exactly how to do it.

Comes with tons of flag material presets, but also includes substance painter file so you can add your own. It doesn't even have to be a flag, you can edit it to be whatever you want it to be

Product Details:

  • You get the pronoun pin and necklace, made to fit any/most vrchat avatars
  • Easy to understand installation guide made for beginners with minimal unity knowledge.
  • Blendshape for necklace width, easy resizing too
  • Can be placed anywhere on your avatar.
  • Low poly efficient model.
  • You get the substance painter file for enhanced customization.
  • Doesn't strictly have to be a pronoun and sexuality pin, maybe you wanna make a custom badge for something
  • FBX files included.
  • This item is IS QUEST COMPATIBLE (if you change the material to a quest compatible shader)


Poiyomi Toon shader version 7.3.050 or newer
Avatar 3.0 Manager v2.0.6 or newer (used to make the installation a lot easier and faster)
(both of these are free)


  • You cannot resell this product as a standalone thing, but you are allowed to put it on finished products like commercial avatars. You must credit my gumroad page if the asset is used on a commercial avatar.
  • You are allowed to make public avatars with the asset.
  • I am not responsible for you breaking your avatar if you import the asset wrong, it is advised you take a backup of your avatar before attempting to install it.

Contact: Discord server *I recommend you try here first, I got an FAQ of common issues posted there
Discord: Liindy


model commissioned from: (18+) / Go check out their stuff!!!

Thanks for reading all the way down here :)

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Here is what the download includes:

Unity package containing everything you need
Installation guide video
Substance Painter file
It's literally free


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Pronoun / Sexuality pin (VRCHAT/SDK3)

625 ratings
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