Magic User Essentials (VRCHAT/SDK3)

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Are you an aspiring wizard or witch? Need some magic to get you started?
The Magic User Essentials gives you literally everything you could ever want!

Boasting 8 offensive spells, 7 utility spells and 3 different magical artifact to wield.

And even comes with a summonable light orb that follows you around!

(yes you can change the color of it as well)

*Note to self, do not hand powerful magical artifacts to new students*

(the school is definitely getting sued for this blunder)

So much different magic to play with!


(Remember to thank your healers)

Comes with 3 menus, filled custom colorful icons.

All models are efficient and low poly, with great quality textures

Models created by Montydog9, see bottom for link to his Artstation

Product Details:

  • You get the Magic asset bundle which includes many spells, 3 different artifacts you can carry and a follower light orb.
  • Easy to understand installation guide made for beginners with minimal unity knowledge.
  • Low poly efficient models.
  • Equip a staff, wand or a magical book and fire spells at your leasure.
  • Summon a light orb that follows you around where you walk and helps light your path
  • Everything comes with sound effects
  • Particles optimized to generate very little lag, if any
  • Uses 15 bools, 1 int, 1 float.
  • *due to the amount of particle emitters, the material count on your avatar will increase by a lot
  • You get the substance painter files for enhanced customization.
  • FBX files included.
  • Note: This assets animations uses WRITE DEFAULT off, but it is made to also work with them on, in case your avatar uses write defaults. (you need to keep this in mind when installing, the guide will also mention it.


Poiyomi Toon shader version 7.3.050 or newer
Avatar 3.0 Manager v2.0.2 or newer (used to make the installation a lot easier and faster)
(both of these are free)


  • This item is NOT QUEST COMPATIBLE, you should not buy this if you do not have a pc.
  • By purchasing this product you agree to NOT share the files with anyone who has not also purchased the product.
  • You are allowed to commission/take commissions for putting the asset on an avatar.
  • You are allowed to make public avatars with the asset, but not directly share the files.
  • I am not responsible for you breaking your avatar if you import the asset wrong, it is advised you take a backup of your avatar before attempting to install it.
  • This asset is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. you cannot use it commercially.
  • If you do wish to use it for a commercial avatar you are allowed to set it up and export without the prefab (menus are fine), then let people know where to buy the asset. You are under no circumstances allowed to include the files for the asset in your own export. Your store page must be pretty clear about that to avoid confusion as well.

Contact: Discord server *I recommend you try here first, I got an FAQ of common issues posted there
Discord: Liindy


Magical book/wand/staff commissioned from

Skull model:

20 sided dice model

VRLabs follower prefab used and modified for orb follower

Icicles and visualization arrow models commissioned from (18+ only)

Extra notes:

Occational desyncs for other players may happen, this is just a result of VRChat being slow. Redoing gestures or re-enabling the asset may fix that.

Thank you for readin all the way down here :)

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When buying this asset you get the following:

An entire magical arsenal made for any VRChat avatar
Summonable glowing orb that follows you around and lights your path
Easy to understand installation guide
Substance painter files
FBX files
*does not include an invitation to Hogwarts*


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Magic User Essentials (VRCHAT/SDK3)

105 ratings
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