Laser Pointer (VRCHAT/SDK3) - FREE

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Please rate this item if you decide to get it (FREE), this will vastly help me out by getting seen more, and will help fund more cool items like this one!

It's literally just a laser pointer

Turn it on and off with a satisfying click sound, and point at things from any distance!

Hold in either hand, and drop it in the world

Guaranteed to make cat furries go wild

Product Details:

  • You get the full working Laser Pointer Prefab made to fit any VRChat avatar.
  • Easy to understand installation guide made for beginners with minimal unity knowledge.
  • Turn on and off, with a cool laser particle effect.
  • Hold in either hand, and drop it in the world.
  • Click noise.
  • Network synced.
  • Uses 4 synced memory.
  • Around 1700 tris.
  • FBX file included.
  • Substance Painter file included.
  • Note: This assets animations uses WRITE DEFAULT on OR off, depending on what you need. the unity package includes two different FX layers you can choose to merge, you will only need to merge the one that fits your avatar (mixing write defaults can make gestures act weird)
    (The FX layers are identical otherwise, it's just some check boxes that are ticked on or off, which you can also manually change yourself).


Avatar 3.0 Manager v2.0.6 or newer (used to make the installation a lot easier and faster)
(both of these are free)



  • Use the asset for personal use and projects, modify and edit it as you see fit.
  • Include the asset and its files on a purchasable/free avatar (provided you credit directly to this page)
  • Stream/make video content with the asset, credit is not needed, but greatly appreciated.
  • Make public avatars with the asset.
  • Commission/take commissions for putting the asset on an avatar.


  • Share any of the files directly on its own, please direct to this page instead.
  • Complain that the asset broke your project, I always recommend you make backups before importing new things.
  • Use this on a quest only avatar, the asset is NOT QUEST COMPATIBLE, please DO NOT get this if you do not have a pc.


Discord Server

I recommend you try my discord server if you have issues, I got an FAQ of common issues posted there
Discord name: Liindy


Feel free to give me a follow :)


Laser Pointer 3D model commissioned from: Check out his stuff please!

Laser shader by - CorpseGod003 Particle by

World constraint prefab by vrlabs:

Main avatar used for promotional material is Hyenid by Alber:

Thanks for reading all the way down here :)

I want this!

Downloading this asset gets you:

⭐Fully working Laser Pointer prefab made to fit any VRChat avatar
📝 You will get the install guide which helps guide you in installing the product.
⭐ Also please rate this asset if you choose to buy it
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Laser Pointer (VRCHAT/SDK3) - FREE

987 ratings
I want this!