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Holographic Tattoos (VRCHAT)

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Be aware, this asset is only set up for the following bases, I cannot guarantee that it will look good/or function on other avatars:

The asset functions a bit like clothing you will attach to the avatar. and therefore has to be made per-base.

The shader was commissioned by me for the use of Holographic tattoos, but you can get the shader by itself for free here:

Cybershader by Nebula Animations

You can find documentation on the shader here:

Cybershader Documentation

With fancy premade animations, making toggling the holograms look really cool!

Each base is set up identically with the same patterns. With patterns on 10 different parts of the body, all being:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Upper Chest
  • Upper Back
  • Stomach
  • Arms and Legs
  • And finally, butt

All these images can also be fully customized to use custom images and patterns! The ones it comes with are not required usage.

With a hueslider built in so you can have any color you want. Guide included on how to edit/remove it as well if you want some specific custom colors.

Shining bright, looking cool. Fitting well with a cybernetic theme.

The Cybershader has built in Audiolink capabilites. In this above gif I showcase it using my own custom hologram shader setup.

The Audiolink can be turned on with a simple checkbox in each material (also showcased in the install guide)


The Holographic Tattoo setup is extremely easy to customize, a guide is included that showcases how you can implement your own custom designs and patterns.

Product Details:

  • You get the full working Holographic Tattoos made to fit the specific bases that you buy it for (see top of page)
  • Easy to understand install guide made for for ease of installation with minimal unity knowledge.
  • Additional VRCfury install option, as well as manual install option, both covered in the guide.
  • 18 parameter space needed for the premade animation toggles (not 100% required for usage, you can make your own toggles if you want)
  • A whole custom design pre-set up, can be customized to the users liking.
  • VRCfury allows for a drag and drop install. Manual installation also possible, in case you want more control over the prefab.
  • Cybershader is a custom shader commissioned for this asset, created to emulate a hologram-like effect evocative of cyberpunk.
  • Features of the shader includes, but are not limited to:
    • Scanlines
    • VHS Filter
    • Sheer Warping
    • Chromatic Aberration
    • Audiolink
    • Overlay Texture
    • Overlay Flipbook


VRChat Creator Companion (VCC)

You must use one of the newer VRC SDK's which can only be downloaded through VCC, otherwise you are more than likely to encounter issues.

Poyiomi Toon Shader

(recommended 8 or newer)

Avatar 3.0 Manager

Avatar manager is only required if you do not use VRCfury to install (can be installed through VCC directly)



Fury can be used as an alternative faster install method



  • Use the asset for personal use and projects, modify and edit it as you see fit.
  • Stream/make video content with the asset, credit is not needed, but greatly appreciated.
  • Make public avatars with the asset.
  • Commission/take commissions for putting the asset on an avatar (provided BOTH parties own the asset)
  • Use it for a commercial avatar IF you set it up and export without the assets files (you have to delete the folder), then direct your customers to the exact page to buy it. You are under no circumstances allowed to include the files for the asset in your own export. Your store page must be pretty clear about that to avoid confusion as well.
  • The Cybershader itself is commercial you can download it on its own here:, To conclude: shader IS commercial, the meshes and premade setup by me, are NOT commercial


  • Share any of the files to anyone who does not own the asset.
  • Include the files on a purchasable/free avatar.
  • Complain that the asset broke your project, I always recommend you make backups before importing new things.
  • Use this on a quest only avatar, the asset is NOT QUEST COMPATIBLE, please DO NOT buy this if you do not have a pc.


Discord Server

I recommend you try my discord server if you have issues, I got an FAQ of common issues posted there
Discord name: Liindy


Feel free to give me a follow :)

For technical questions regarding the shader and the creation of the shader itself, you are better off contacting Nebula Animations themselves instead.

Nebula Animations Discord Server

Twitter Contact

Nebula Animations Twitter


Shader by Nebula Animations -

Discord: nebulaanimations

Meshes created by

Some images used for holo tattoos purchased from

Special thanks to MyUwUGoo for coming up with the initial concept for this asset design.

Thanks for reading all the way down here :)

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Last updated Apr 16, 2024

Buying this asset gets you:

⭐Hologram outfit for the chosen base
📝 You will always get the install guide which helps guide you in installing the product. Additionally this prefab has a VRCfury install option.
⭐ Substance Painter Files Included
⭐ Also please rate this asset if you choose to buy it
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Holographic Tattoos (VRCHAT)

71 ratings
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