Folding Blades (VRCHAT/SDK3)

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- Lion Folding Blade
- Rose Folding Blade
(both can be used on the same avatar, or installed individiually (each cost 15 parameters))

The folding blade is a dynamic gravity blade that folds in and out for a quick combat stance.

The handle opens and closes to release the blade, a quick flourishtriggered entirely by wrist movement will allow the blade to fold out and in.

  • Flick wrist upwards to have the blade point upwards.
  • Flick wrist downwards to have the blade point downwards.
  • Upwards arm movement to toss it.
  • All these can also be triggered with menu buttons for ease of use.

Extremely dynamic, with only few gestures used to control it, and actual hand movement doing most of the work.

The prefab comes with two individual and unique blades.
One with a lion head, and one with a rose pedal (both heads can be toggled off for a more dagger-like look).

Each blade has an elemental ability that can be fired on the blade. The lion blade uses fire to heat up the blade to high temperatures.

The rose pedal blade uses acid for a lethal sting.

A dynamic blood system allows you to stab other people, and blood will automatically spray and drip. (can be toggled off as well)

No gestures required, and the effects follow the depth of the stab as well as making sounds.

Blades will contact with other peoples blades for a parry effect and sound.

6 total textures included, Substance painter file also given on purchase.

Product Details:

  • You get the full working Folding Blades made to fit any VRChat avatar.
  • Easy to understand install guide made for for ease of installation with minimal unity knowledge.
  • Additional VRCfury install option, as well as manual install option, both covered in the guide.
  • Flourish dynamically with wrist movement.
  • Toss upwards dynamically with arm movement.
  • Open and close the handle to let the blade be released.
  • Wield in either hand.
  • Use gravity to release the blade.
  • Engulf the blades in fire and acid.
  • Dynamic blood stabbing system.
  • Parry effects triggered on other people using the same blade or other similar prefabs of mine.
  • Huge settings menu where you can pick and choose features to enable and disable
  • 6 premade textures in total
  • Entirely usable on desktop, with a desktop menu that allows you to do all the same moves you can do in vr.
  • Ingame How To Use menu that explains how to use the asset.
  • Can be dropped in world
  • Costs 15 parameters per blade.
  • About 13k Polygons per blade.
  • You get Substance Painter files for enhanced customization.
  • You get a Blend files for enhanced customization.
  • Note: This assets animations uses WRITE DEFAULT on OR off, depending on what you need. the unity script has a checkbox that you can check for what you need (mixing write defaults can make gestures act weird)
    (The FX layers are identical otherwise, it's just some check boxes that are ticked on or off, which you can also manually change yourself).

The blade will fall out using actual gravity, simply open the handle and point it upwards or downwards in the world

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VRChat Creator Companion (VCC)

You must use one of the newer VRC SDK's which can only be downloaded through VCC, otherwise you are more than likely to encounter issues.

Poyiomi Toon Shader

(recommended 8 or newer)

Avatar 3.0 Manager

(can be installed through VCC directly)



Fury can be used as an alternative install method

Two sets of menus, one for each blade. Includes many settings to customize your experience, most features can be toggled on or off. And an entire menu for desktop usage is included, so the whole asset can be used without the need for VR


  • This item is NOT QUEST COMPATIBLE, you should not buy this if you do not have a pc.
  • By purchasing this product you agree to NOT share the files with anyone who has not also purchased the product.
  • You are allowed to commission/take commissions for putting the asset on an avatar.
  • You are allowed to make public avatars with the asset, but not directly share the files.
  • I am not responsible for you breaking your avatar if you import the asset wrong, it is advised you take a backup of your avatar before attempting to install it.
  • This asset is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. you cannot use it commercially (do not redistribute the files). (You are fully allowed to stream, make videos and other media with the prefab, credit is appreciated)
  • If you do wish to use it for a commercial avatar you are allowed to set it up and export without the prefab (menus are fine), then let people know where to buy the asset. You are under no circumstances allowed to include the files for the asset in your own export. Your store page must be pretty clear about that to avoid confusion as well.

You can toggle off the lion and rose pedal for a more neutral dagger look


Discord Server

I recommend you try my discord server if you have issues, I got an FAQ of common issues posted there
Discord name: Liindy


Feel free to give me a follow :)

Toss it upwards or between your hands with a simple hand motion


3D Modelling for the blades and texturing by Discord: AnthonyR#8874 Please check out his stuff!

Extra Blood Particle effects created and help from SkaleySeto -

Additional Textures by

Help from some VRCfury stuff

World Constraint Prefab by:

Main avatar used for promotional material is Hyenid by Alber:

Help from for angle in world detector

Extra Blood decal texture from:

Inspired by Dishonered Folding Blade

Thanks for reading all the way down here :)

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⭐ Substance Painter Files Included
⭐ Blend Files Included
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Folding Blades (VRCHAT/SDK3)

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